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Is it possible to import all personal effects?

Any foreigner taking up residence in Tunisia as part of his/her professional activity has the right to import his/her personal belongings and furniture. The latter can be cleared through customs with a total exemption from payment or with a payment of duties and taxes in installments. They cannot be disposed whether or not in return for payment without customs clearance and, where applicable, the submission of an external trade certificate.

Tunisian tax legislation adjusts the benefits and procedures according to the beneficiary's status.

Is it possible to import a personal car?

Any foreigner, whether having the status of resident or not, has the right, within the context of his/her professional activities, to import his/her personal motor vehicle exempt of taxes and duties regardless of its age and power.

To drive his/her automobile or motorbike with an engine-capacity exceeding 49 cubic centimeters, a travel permit called "Diptyque" will be required and granted by Tunisian customs at the border with a validity period of 3 months. The permit may be renewed for 3 consecutive times with the payment of a road tax when the first extension is granted. Upon expiration of this permit, the vehicle must be re-exported.

Is it possible to import , change or re-export foreign currency?

Foreigners may freely import unlimited amounts of payment instruments denominated in foreign currencies; however all imports and exports of currency whose value equals or exceeds 25,000 TND must be declared.

Non-residents are authorized to keep in their possession foreign currency in order to pay for cash expenditures.

Non-residents who intend to re-export currency imported at a value exceeding 5,000 TND are required, upon re-entry into Tunisian territory, to fill out an import declaration of the currency in their possession that is duly certified by customs.

Where can investment project statements be made?

The statement of investment projects must be made according to the sector of activity, at the departments that deliver a certificate for the deposit of the statement :

  • Regional Commissions of Agricultural Development (CRDA)

  • Agricultural Investment and Promotion Agency (APIA)

  • Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (APII)

  • National Office of the Tunisian Tourism (ONTT)

  • National Office for Artisans (ONAT)

  • Export Promotion Agency (CEPEX)

  • Commercial One Stop Shop

Which incorporation procedures can be made at API one-stop desk?

Company incorporation procedures can be made at the one stop desk located in the headquarters or regional offices of the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation « APII », in a very short time.

The one-stop desk gathers official representatives of all involved institutions.

The procedures made at the one-stop desk are the following :

  • obtain a project declaration certificate from the Investment Promotion Agency concerned

  • file the company's project declaration certificate, statutes with the Tax Office

  • file a declaration of opening and obtain a tax identification number from the Tax Office

  • register the company at the Court Clerk

  • publish the ‘Request for Registration’ in the Official Journal of the Republic of Tunisia (JORT)

  • obtain a Customs Code number

  • obtain a work permit for all foreigners

  • obtain a residence permit for foreign investors and/or promoters.

How to find partners in Tunisia?

The Partnership and subcontracting Office at the Agency for the promotion of Industry and Innovation has a database listing requests for partnerships in various sectors of industry. This office hence ensures the link between offers and requests of firms and investors wishing to establish partnership relations.

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