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Investment Opportunities

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Thanks to the natural wealth of the region, the ongoing modernization of the infrastructure, the skilled labor force and the tax and financial incentives, the governorate of Béja offers local and foreign investors a favorable environment for the creation of projects in different economic sectors and more particularly in the following areas :

  • Agriculture and Fisheries (integration of dairy farming with crop production, aquaculture development, organic farming, fruit growing, breeding and feeding geese and ducks, snail farming...).

  • Food industry (preservation, sterilization, freezing, storage and extraction of essential oils...).

  • Quarry products (development and processing of useful substances and of forestry by-products...).

  • Tourism (enhancement of the archaeological sites of Dogga, Aîn Tounga El Faouar, of forest landscapes for the promotion of ecological and cultural tourism, the development of spa and medical tourism).

  • Communication technologies (development of software, development and maintenance of websites, remote services...).