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Investment Opportunities

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Thanks to the natural wealth of the region, the ongoing modernization of infrastructure, the skilled labor force and the fiscal and financial incentives, the governorate of El Kef offers domestic and foreign investors an enabling environment for creating projects in different economic fields and in particular in the following areas :

  • Agriculture (intensive arboriculture, breeding dairy cows integrated with field crops, beekeeping, honey extraction, organic farming, mushroom cultivation, snail farming, production aromatic herbs and medicinal plants...),

  • Food industry (preserves, semi-preserves and storage of fruits and vegetables, essential oil extraction, bottling of mineral water, milk processing, cheese making),

  • Renewable energy (biogas production unit, distillation and use of gas extracted from coal, wind energy production unit, hydroelectric power project,

  • Sports tourism (especially development of hunting wild boar and exploitation of its meat for export (sausages, preserves, etc.),

  • Cultural tourism (the exploitation of heritage, archaeological and historical wealth of the region for the development of tourism),

  • Communication technologies (operating the infrastructure available in the region to develop units operating in the field such as software development, the development and maintenance of websites, remote services...),