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Investment Opportunities

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Several investment opportunities arise in the region in the areas of agriculture and fisheries, food industry, useful substances, tourism and communication technology :

  • Agriculture and fisheries (fruit growing, integration of dairy cows in irrigated areas, organic farming, mushroom farming, snail farming and mushroom cultivation, floriculture...).

  • Food industry (packaging of agricultural products, processing of forest products, cheese...).

  • Useful substances (extraction and processing of marble, the plaster carving and sculpture, industrial pottery, manufacture of bleaching agents for the paper industry and paint industry).

  • Renewable energy (production and installation of photovoltaic or solar panels)

  • Tourism and handicrafts (ecotourism, water sports, cultural tourism, spas, manufacturing of handicraft products of wood and cork the promotion of carpets and rattan production...).

  • Communication technologies (software development, development and maintenance of websites, remote services...).