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Investment Opportunities

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Map Kasserine

Cyber Parks Universities Regional Development Zones Second Group

Several investment opportunities are available to developers and investors to exploit the raw, pure and abundant resources of the region of Kasserine :


  • Tree crops

  • New adapted crops (cherries, table grapes, walnuts...)

  • Late crops (Prickly pears, tomatoes...)

  • Organic crops

  • Rabbit breeding- Beekeeping

  • Breeding horses, ostriches, snails...

Food Industry

  • Dehydration and processing of fruits and vegetables

  • Milk processing - Cheese

  • Bottling edible oils

  • Packaging of fruits and vegetables

  • Bottled mineral water


  • Manufacturing construction materials

  • Manufacturing construction materials

  • Quarrying (limestone, stone, gypsum, clay...)

  • Extraction and bottling of edible, essential and pharmaceutical oils

  • Chemical industry

  • Glass industry

  • Spinning and carding wool


  • Procurement services and agricultural services

  • Installation and maintenance of cold storage

  • Rewinding of electric motors

  • Software development, website development, production of electronic cards

  • Call centers

Tourism and Local Crafts

  • Tourism projects around the archaeological sites and the natural park 'Châambi'

  • Thermal center

  • Sculpture (olive wood, stone, gypsum...)

  • Clothing and traditional carpets (flij, margoum...)