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Investment Opportunities

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Several investment opportunities are provided by the region in various sectors and namely :

  • Food industry: processing of agricultural products such as wool and hides, processing dates and derivatives;

  • Agriculture : development of organic agriculture (arboriculture, dates and derivatives, open field and under cover cultivation of vegetables), introduction of new products in irrigated areas,

  • Camel breeding development, diversification of livestock production through the introduction of new species (ostrich, cattle..) beekeeping; rabbit breeding; aromatic and medicinal plants;

  • Tourism: development of spa tourism, cultural, hunting and ecotourism (oasis, and Saharan tourism)

  • Solar energy: construction of solar power plants

  • Creation of service-related projects (software design and development, translation, accounting, Internet sales, training, engineering, equipment maintenance...)

  • Creating projects enhancing useful substances available (salts, clays, sand...);