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CEMENTOS MOLINS is a company based in Spain and was born in February 1928. It specializes in the development and production of construction materials. In particular, it operates in three areas: cement and derivatives, concrete and precast concrete products. Its product portfolio includes cement, gypsum, lime, concrete, aggregates, pillars and beams, railway sleepers etc.

In 2011, the company employed 4,498 people worldwide and achieved a turnover of 830 million €.

The Company operates mainly in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Tunisia, Uruguay and Bangladesh.

In 2007, CEMENTOS MOLINS acquired 65% of SOTACIB (Société Tuniso-Andalouse de Ciment Blanc, a Tunisian company dedicated to the production of cement. Its factory in Feriana (Kasserine) has an annual production capacity of 700 000 tons of white cement. It exports part of its production to countries such as Algeria, Libya and other Mediterranean countries.

In 2012 SOTACIB Kairouan started production. It is a gray cement plant with a production capacity of 1.2 million tons per year. It created 140 employment positions over 90% of which concern university graduates.