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BIORAD is a California – based company specializing in biotechnology. It was founded in 1952.

BIORAD develops and markets testing and diagnostic systems for medical laboratories, blood transfusion centers and industrial control laboratories. The group is considered as number 1 in quality control management systems of clinical laboratories. It is also a leader in testing AIDS, hepatitis and autoimmune diseases.

It has a staff of about 6,500 employees and is present in 150 countries.

In 2000, the Group created its totally exporting Tunisian subsidiary under the name of DIAGNOSTICS MEDITERRANEE. The company is located in the governorate of Ben Arous and supplies pharmaceuticals for human use.

Its production unit currently has a covered area of 7,000 m² that can be extended if necessary. The plant includes, among other facilities, clean rooms, cold rooms, drying rooms, a production unit of human and veterinary rapid tests bloods....

DIAGNOSTICS MEDITERRANEE employs a hundred workers, the laboratory technicians and skilled and experienced technicians with a production that meets international standards and in particular European standards.