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PFIZER is an American pharmaceutical company founded in 1849 by the chemist Charles Pfizer.

PFIZER is both the first global biopharmaceutical group and the first global investor in life sciences. Its activities are centered on human health, family health and animal health.

Owner of 75 production sites, the group is in 2010 the world leader in its sector with a turnover of USD 67.81 billion and a workforce of 81,800 employees worldwide.

PFIZER settled in Tunisia in 1964 through a liaison office. Since 1989 measures have been taken to encourage local manufacturing in Tunisia and the major player in health has since then been engaged in a process of continuous development. Its national manufacturing unit was launched as a joint venture with SIPHAT in 1998 .

The manufacturing site currently employs more than 90 people. PFIZER TUNISIA locally manufactures 19 products including 13 in its unit of Ben Arous and 6 under a partnership agreement. Today, 45% of PFIZER Tunisia drugs are manufactured locally, against 5% in 2000.