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ASTEELFLASH is an international manufacturing company considered as a leader among companies specializing in electronics industry.

ASTEELFLASH is dedicated to providing production, engineering and procurement services for high technology companies around the world and in a wide range of market segments including industry, communications, security & defense, IT, automotive as well as the medical field.

ASTEELFLASH has a network of factories established in the United Kingdom, France and the United States, but also in Tunisia, Mexico and China corresponding to an area of production of over 1 million square feet over 14 production sites in the world. In 2011, its annual revenues amounted to 780 million USD.

Since 2000, Tunisia has two production sites, located in Mégrine and Fouchana. These subsidiaries manufacture, assemble and mount electronic or electro-mechanical and mechanical parts, cards and electrical sub-sets for export markets.

The premises cover a total area of 4900 m². The company is currently employing 400 people working in 3 shifts over 5 days.

The production site is ISO 9001 certified.