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DAMART was created in 1953 by the inventors of Thermolactyl, a fiber with warming properties.

Since the discovery of this magical fiber, DAMART has continued to build on its technological expertise to innovate and develop new ranges of "smart" textiles like refreshing textiles or those with air conditioning effect.

The group DAMART conquered an expanding customer base, well beyond France, the country of origin of the brand. For its fiftieth anniversary, DAMART had over 130 stores in Europe.

In 2002, DAMART and SOMFY became two independent branches. DAMART S.A. was renamed DAMARTEX.

6 years later, in 2008, DAMARTEX decided to transfer its manufacturing plant to Zriba Tunisia. The DAMART Sport range is hence launched.

The reorganization of the DAMARTEX structure, conducted in 2010, brought several changes to DAMART, including the creation of an international style office and a new logo. Its turnover to June 2011 amounted to 697.9 million €.