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ZANNIER is a French group specialized in textile & apparel. It has several ready-to-wear brands mainly for children's fashion, where it is regarded as a world leader.

ZANNIER is a group founded in 1962 and has made acquisitions of existing brands over the years.

Present on all the market segments with a stronger orientation towards up range products, ZANNIER Group has a unique portfolio of 15 brands and licenses, supplemented by four brands of ready-to-wear for adults. Indeed, with the capitalized know-how and expertise it gradually positioned in the market of adult fashion.

Featuring annual sales of approximately 800 million €, ZANNIER, with its 5,000 employees in about 30 countries, is organized through subsidiaries located, among others, at the heart of the major fashion capitals.

In Tunisia, ZANNIER operated hitherto mainly in assembly via its own production units spread over four sites in the Sahel region. It has a workforce of 700 employees. Forty Tunisian subcontractors, employing 1,500 employees work for the Group.

More recently, specifically in Monastir, ZANNIER Group acquired a land of 25,000 sqm to install a platform, integrating its activities of garment, and related value-added services: modeling, computer graphics or IT.