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SIOEN INDUSTRIESis a diversified group listed on the stock exchange, featuring a broad portfolio of products and activities: coating of technical textiles, manufacture of protective clothing, production of fine chemicals and processing of technical textiles. Its policy of vertical and horizontal integration, diversification and continued growth have driven the group since 1907.

SIOEN INDUSTRIESis a world leader in the coated technical textiles market and is among the market leaders in industrial protective clothing.

In 2010, the group achieved a turnover of 292 million € and employs 4,579 people in 34 subsidiaries located in 14 countries.

In Tunisia, the group created 3 subsidiaries :

  • CTS (Confection Tunisienne de sécurité,located in Charguia - Tunis) is a 100% owned subsidiary of the group Sioen Apparel. Created in 1978 and employing 500 people.It specializes in the manufacture of the full range of Sioen clothing, namely: personal protective clothing, work wear, vests, chemical protective clothing, medical linens, forestry clothing , 100% of the production is shipped to Belgium for distribution.

  • SioenTunesie(located in Charguia - Tunis) is equally a 100% owned subsidiary of the group Sioen Apparel that was created in 1998 and has a staff of 50 employees.This subsidiary produces exclusively for the local Tunisian market: rainwear, high visibility clothing, military clothing for the Tunisian police and army and for companies in connection with the government.

  • SioenZaghouan, a 100% owned subsidiary of the GroupSioen Apparel, was created in 2000 in Zaghouan (70km from the capital). It has a workforce of 250 employees and is specialized in the production of personal protective clothing.