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Why Bizerte ?

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Map Bizerte

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A long coastline on the Mediterranean Sea

Located in the country's extreme north-east and on the southern shore of the Mediterranean on a 200 km long coastline, the governorate of Bizerte enjoys a privileged geographical and strategic location which gave it an important comparative advantage such as the attraction of various economic activities and the implementation of a multisectoral pole combining heavy industry and high technology.

A pool of expertise

The governorate has a performing school, university and vocational training system supplying the local employment market with qualified skills and labor specialized in disciplines that are highly demanded by local firms.

Seven higher education institutions are located in the governorate. They train more than 10 000 students in various disciplines :

Bizerte also has seven vocational training centers with a capacity of 2,500 training positions. The main training fields covered by these centers' programs are: maintenance, general and marine engineering, irrigated agriculture, sewing and craft skills.

A good transport network

The governorate of Bizerte has a modern basic infrastructure :

  • A major commercial port as well as a large marina under construction,

  • A highway connects the city of Bizerte to Tunis and a dense road network connects it to other neighboring governorates,

  • A railway line links the governorate to the capital,

  • A Business park and a technopole dedicated to food industry,

  • Several industrial zones are available and equipped to accommodate new projects.

  • Bizerte is located within 40 minutes drive from the International Tunis-Carthage Airport and one hour drive from the International Airport of Tabarka.

A dense economic activity

  • Economic activity in the region is mainly focused on industry and agriculture. Indeed, next to a heavy industry based primarily on petroleum refining, steel industry and cement production, the governorate of Bizerte hosts 366 industrial companies (with a workforce of 10 or more employees) including 245 foreign companies. They operate mainly in textiles, leather and footwear, machinery, electronics, food processing, shipbuilding and yachting industries.

  • Featuring a large fertile agricultural area (328,000 ha), the governorate of Bizerte is known for its agricultural resources such as legumes with nearly 40 % of national production, red meat production (15 % of national production ), milk production (18.4 % of national production) and table grapes. This agricultural potential of the governorate is supported by the food Technopole of Sidi Abderrahmane which provides a significant support to the diversification of the industrial production apparatus in the region.

  • With 200 km - long coastline and 5 fishing ports, Bizerte is also one of the richest areas of Tunisia fishing and is highly known for the high quality of his blue fish.

  • Coastal tourism in Bizerte is relatively developed (hotel units, marina under construction...). Nevertheless, the governorate has a specific natural and ecological potential (Bizerte Lake, Ichkeul natural park, Ghar El Melh and the Galite island) as well as beautiful beaches (Cap Serrat, Kef Abbad...) overhung by mountainous heights that are underutilized and can present opportunities for the development of new tourism activities in the region.

  • The region also has a developed banking and financial network (more than 270 bank branches) representing all financial institutions in the country.