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Why Kasserine ?

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Map Kasserine

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An Agricultural and Industrial Potential to Be Developed

The economic activity in the governorate is primarily based on the agricultural sector.

Indeed, thanks to several advantages (a large agricultural area estimated to 826,000 ha, the richness of its soil and the variety of crops it can grow, the abundance and quality of its water resources and its specific climate), the governorate is the first national producer of several fruits and vegetables (apples, pistachio, prickly pear, tomato) and rosemary oil. It also specializes in arboriculture, new adapted crops (cherries, raisins, nuts…) back seasons crops and olive growing.

Organic farming is also a very promising niche sector in the region with an area of over 44,000 ha and a goal to reach 59.5 million ha in 2016.

Thanks to a significant potential in useful substances, the industrial activity in the region is mainly based on the exploitation and processing of abundant raw materials and useful substances such as marble, limestone, clay, gypsum, aggregates and esparto. Nevertheless, the establishment of 19 subcontracting manufacturing units of the international group "Benetton" allowed the diversification of industrial activities and gave greater dynamic impetus to the sector.

With its archaeological heritage (35 % of the archaeological remains identified in Tunisia), the diversity of its ecosystems, its rich nature and the extent of its forest cover, the region is able to become a center of cultural and ecological tourism.

The craft sector is highly developed since it occupies 15,000 artisans who have mastered many manual techniques and it is characterized by specific craft products including products made from esparto, Berber carpets...

A Developing Infrastructure

The governorate of Kasserine has :

  • A dense and extensive road network to link the city with the rest of the country.

  • A railway line connecting the city to the governorates of Tunis, Sousse, Kairouan and Gafsa.

  • A cyber park designed to promote information and communication technology.

  • A business center collaborating with other development agencies in the region to provide assistance and support to project developers.

  • A large ecological park "Djebel Châambi" which belongs to the large forest area of Tunisia. It should be noted that with 1,544 m of altitude, Jebel Châambi is the highest peak in Tunisia.

  • Industrial areas equipped to accommodate new projects

The Governorate is also served by

  • The International Airport of Gafsa-Ksar which is 116 km from Kasserine.

  • The Commercial Port of Sfax which is 183 km from Kasserine.

Available Human Resources

The local labor market is continuously developing. It is reinforced by the establishment of three higher education institutions, namely:

The region also hosts 7 public vocational training centers and 21 private centers with an overall capacity of more than 3000 people. These centers provide training programs for technicians in fields related to air conditioning, mechanics, agriculture, water management, clothing, crafts and IT - office automation.