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Why Mahdia ?

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Booming Manufacturing and Tourism Industries

Young industrial site, the governorate has 147 units including 44 totally exporting industrial units. Two-thirds of these units operate in textile and clothing…

The governorate has 55 foreign-invested enterprises operating in the sectors of industry, tourism, agriculture and services.

Over the last few years, the governorate of Mahdia has become one of the most popular tourist sites among customers looking for a unique marriage between the beauty of the natural landscape and particularly the seaside and the rich historical and cultural heritage (Roman coliseum in El Jem, the old Fatimid city and the traditional museums of Mahdia). Its accommodation capacity amounts to 10,600 beds and is ensured by 24 hotel units with 8 high standing units. In addition, the new tourist area in Ghédabna which will house 19,000 beds can only strengthen the tourism industry in the region.

The area is known for its strong agricultural activity. The dominant field remains fundamentally olive cultivation with 4.8 million trees planted over an area of 143,000 ha. The other resources are mainly irrigated crops, cattle breeding (dairy Mahdia is the 2nd basin countries) and almond which covers 23,000 hectares.

Fishing for blue fish also remains an essential activity in the region that provides more than 15 % of the national production.

The region also has a banking and financial network of 27 bank branches covering the whole territory of the region.

A Developing Infrastructure

The governorate of Mahdia has the following facilities:

  • A road network that provides direct access to the main governorates: Mahdia is 2h30 drive from Tunis and a little over an hour from Sfax and Sousse.

  • A light rail line connecting Mahdia to the Governorates of Sousse and Monastir.

  • A railway connecting Tunis to Mahdia.

  • Several industrial zones are available and equipped to accommodate new projects.

The commercial port of Sousse is 60 km from Mahdia and that of Sfax is 105 km.

The governorate is served by the Monastir International Airport , which is 40 km away from Mahdia.

Available Human Resources

The Governorate of Mahdia has an increasingly consolidated education network including schools, universities and vocational training centers. The region has a core of university institutions providing courses in scientific, economic and technological disciplines composed of the following institutions :

Mahdia Governorate has 3 public vocational training centers with a capacity of 2,220 positions. These centers provide professional training programs for technicians in various specialized fields (mechanics, leather and footwear, sewing, computer, mosaic and weaving) for which there is strong demand from locally based industrial companies.