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Why Medenine ?

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Map Mednine

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A Tourist Destination par excellence

Thanks to the island of Djerba, Medenine became a major internationally renowned tourist spot that continues to grow, with luxury hotel facilities, recreation centers, ancillary services and a modern golf course.

In addition to its tourist feature, the region has an agricultural potential based on arboriculture (trees), livestock (mainly sheep, cattle, goats and camels) and open fields cultivation of cereal crops and cucurbits.

Having a 400 km long coastline, the region of Médenine is rich in seafood with an annual production representing 16 % of the national production.

The governorate also has 2 aquaculture stations dedicated to lagoon fishing (lake El Biben and Lake Boughrara) and natural sites producing clams.

The governorate also has a nascent industrial fabric composed of 115 industrial firms (with a workforce of 10 or more employees) operating primarily in the areas of food, building materials and textiles and clothing.

Similarly, 49 foreign or mixed capital companies (with a workforce of 10 or more employees) are installed in the region. They operate in the sectors of tourism, industry and services.

A Diversified Basic Infrastructure

The governorate has :

  • A network of roads linking the region with neighboring governorates and Libya

  • A business park in Zarzis hosting more than 35 companies

  • A cyber park and a Technopole created to use and enhance the natural resources of the Tunisian Sahara.

  • Several industrial zones equipped to host new projects.

Several industrial zones equipped to host new projects.

  • The Djerba-Zarzis International Airport

  • The international commercial port of Zarzis which is within one hour drive from Médenine city.

Available Human Resources

Five higher education institutions are located in the region including :

The governorate also has 6 public vocational training centers and 29 private centers with a total capacity of 3,865 positions. These centers offer specialized training programs in the fields required by the companies and tourism units such as electricity of industrial sanitary equipment, central heating, clothing, specialties relating to hospitality and tourism.