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Why Monastir ?

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A Pool of Expertise

The governorate of Monastir has an efficient school system and private institutions teaching foreign languages including English, German and Italian. It also hosts a university pole consisting of 12 higher education institutions in which about 23,000 students are enrolled in various disciplines such as medicine, pharmacy, science, biotechnology, engineering and other modern languages applied to business. These institutions are :

Ces établissements sont :

Thanks to its 9 vocational training centers with a capacity of 3,800 training positions, the governorate of Monastir feeds the Labor market with a skilled workforce specialized in local industries including textile work, garment, tourism, agriculture and fishing.

A modern infrastructure

The governorate of Monastir has a developed basic infrastructure :

  • An international airport with a capacity of 3.5 million passengers.

  • The road and rail network covers the whole of its territory and provides direct access to all neighboring governorates to the north, the west and the South of the country.

  • A light rail line connects the Governorate to Sousse and Mahdia.

  • A Marina is located in the region.

  • The Competitiveness Cluster Monastir-El Fejja consists in a technology park in Monastir "Neotex Monastir Technopark" dedicated to textile and clothing (including a finishing area) and two multisectoral industrial parks "Neopark Monastir" and "Neopark El Fejja "in Manouba.

  • Several industrial Zones are available and equipped to accommodate new projects.

  • the commercial port of Sousse is less than 20 km away from Monastir.

A Diversified Economy

The governorate is characterized by a diversified economic fabric where industry occupies a prominent place with 705 industrial units with a workforce of 10 or more employees. These include 553 companies operating in textiles and clothing and 512 are totally exporting.

The governorate has 412 foreign-invested enterprises operating in the sectors of industry, agriculture, tourism and services.

Specializing in the production of potatoes and crops under greenhouse, the governorate continues to register significant progress in plant production (olive oil with an olive grove which extends over 60,000 hectares, irrigated crops (5 900 ha), animal farming (8,000 head of cattle, 60,000 head of sheep, 2,500 head of goats) and fishing.

  • Aquaculture is well developed in the region. Sea bream and sea bass farming are located in the lagoon of Monastir and off the coast of the delegation of Téboulba.

  • The tourism sector is increasingly developing in the region thanks to various advantages: a beautiful seaside potential, a pretty rich archaeological heritage, a constantly growing accommodation capacity and maritime and sports leisure services (marina, scuba diving centers, a golf course, an equestrian compound, bowling ground, tennis courts...

  • The region also has a developed banking and financial network consisting of 68 bank branches covering the whole territory of the region.