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Why Nabeul ?

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First Seaside Resort of the Country

Located in the northeast of the country and surrounded by the Mediterranean on 3 sides (north, east and west) with a coastline of 300 km, the governorate of Nabeul also called governorate of the Cap-Bon, includes the city of Hammamet which is the first resort in the country with its sandy beaches, clear sea and Mediterranean climate that allowed it to be a popular European tourist destination..

A Skilled Human Capital

The governorate has a performing school, university and professional network. Every year more than 11,000 students graduate from one of the six universities of the region in economic, literary and technological disciplines :

Vocational training is strengthened by 9 public centers training skilled professional technicians in various fields such as maintenance, general engineering, marine engineering, construction, tourism, agriculture... These centers provide annually the local labor market for with 10,000 technicians.

A Dense and Modern Infrastructure

The governorate of Nabeul has developed basic infrastructure :

  • A developed road network consisting in a motorway and trunk roads to link the region with neighboring governorates,

  • A railway line linking the governorate to the capital,

  • The largest marina in Africa is located in the Yasmine Hammamet resort,

  • A Technopole in Borj Cédria specializing in renewable energy, water, environment and plant biotechnology.

  • Several industrial zones are available and equipped to accommodate new projects.

The cities of Nabeul and Hammamet are located within 40 minutes drive from the International Tunis-Carthage Airport and 30mn from the International Airport Enfidha-Hammamet.

A Diversified Economic Activity

Although focused primarily on the sectors of tourism and agriculture, the economic fabric of the region is well developed and fairly diversified.

Indeed, with many luxury and comfortable hotel units (140 hotels with a capacity of about 51 thousand beds or 1/4 the total tourist accommodation capacity of the country) and diversified leisure services (a marina, a games center, a golf course...), the governorate of Nabeul is positioned as the first tourist area of the country...

The city of Hammamet, which is located six kilometers from Nabeul, remains the major asset of the region thanks to the seaside resort of Yasmine Hammamet located in the south of the city, the Medina Mediterranea is a copy of an Arab medina and its marina is the largest Marina in Africa.

The region even recorded 7.6 million overnight stays in 2010 representing 25 % of all overnight stays in the country.

This development of tourism activity led to the prosperity of craft activity in the region, including in particular pottery, stone carving, leather and mosaic.

In addition, despite its limited agricultural area (4 % of the county's total agricultural land area), the governorate contributes by 15 % to the national agricultural production thanks to the expertise of farmers and their specialization in certain products such as tomatoes, peppers, citrus...

The region accounts for 85 % of the national production of citrus, 63 % of the national production of tomatoes, 97 % of the national production of strawberries, 40 % of vine products and 90 % of the national production of condiments.

Fishing remains an essential activity in the local economy, representing 16 % of the national production representing approximately 166 000 tons.

The governorate also has 712 industrial enterprises (with a workforce of 10 or more employees), particularly in processing agricultural products (canned tomatoes, jam, wine...). 346 are totally exporting companies operating in the sectors of industry, services, agriculture and tourism. The number of foreign or mixed capital companies amounted to 460.

The region has a developed banking and financial network consisting of 109 bank branches covering the entire territory of the region.