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Why Sidi Bouzid ?

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Map Sidi Bouzid

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An Agricultural and Industrial Potential to Be Developed

The economy of the region of Sidi Bouzid is primarily based on the agricultural sector. This is strengthened by the availability of abundant water resources, fertile farmland and irrigation over large areas. These strengths have enabled the region to contribute to the national agricultural production by 20 % for vegetables, 13 % for almonds, 20 % for pistachio, 14 % for olives and 7 % for red meat. It is distinguished by its early and late crops.

The availability of a promising potential for a variety of agricultural organic and biologic produce and the existence of a developed dairy basin (producing 81 million liters of milk) led to the development of the food industry sector.

The region also witnesses a an increasingly significant diversification of its industrial fabric thanks to the importance of exploitable reserves of useful substances (marble, gypsum, sand). It currently has 63 industrial companies, including 9 foreign companies.

The Governorate of Sidi Bouzid can benefit from its location on the tourist transit roads Sahel Kairouan Gafsa Tozeur, its natural and historical potential (Bouhedma park, Ksar Khélifa, Zanati...) and the diversity of its local hand-made products to tap on a network of transit tourism...

A Developing Infrastructure

The governorate of Sidi Bouzid has :

  • A modern road network to link the city with the rest of the country.

  • A railway line linking the region to the governorates of Gafsa and Sfax

  • A developed telecommunications network

  • Industrial zones equipped to accommodate new projects.

  • A cyber park to promote information and communication technologies

  • A business center and a business incubator.

The governorate is also served by :

  • The International Airport of Gafsa-Ksar which is 100 km from Sidi Bouzid.

  • The Sfax Tyna international Airport, which is 125 km from Sidi Bouzid.

  • The commercial of Sfax (125 km), of Gabés (173 km) and of Sousse (165 km)

A Skilled Human Capital

The governorate has qualified human resources (more than 465 graduates per year) to meet the needs of businesses. It also has an educational system for improving the performance of the workforce :

The region also has 13 fully equipped vocational training centers (6 public and 8 private centers) with an overall training capacity of 2450 people. These centers provide training programs for technicians in fields related to mechanics, welding, agriculture, IT...