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Why Tataouine ?

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Map Tataouine

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An Economy based on Agriculture and Tourism

The economic activity of the region is based primarily on agriculture. Indeed, with a significant agricultural area, the Governorate of Tataouine is known for its agricultural resources such as olive trees, legumes, arboriculture, early vegetables, asparagus, for export and the production of red meat and milk. The governorate also has significant underground water resources, minerals and abundant useful substances as well as many rangelands.

The industrial sector is developing. Indeed, the governorate has 11 industrial firms (with a workforce of 10 or more employees) operating primarily in the industries of construction materials, clothing and food.

The region also includes a large oil field in El Borma with an annual production of 14 million barrels.

In recent years, Tataouine has experienced a remarkable development of Saharan tourism. It constitutes an important step in the visit of the South thanks to the multitude of Saharan ksours surrounding it (Ksar Hadada, Ksar Ouled Soltane..) to the geological sites, the peak villages (Chenini, Douiret, Guermessa...) and the ancient troglodyte dwellings that make the charm and uniqueness of the Tunisian Sahara.

A Continuously Developing Basic Infrastructure

Despite its remoteness from major governorates of the country, the region has an adequate basic infrastructure :

  • A road network linking the governorate with other neighboring governorates

  • Several industrial zones equipped to host new projects,

  • The business activity park of Zarzis is 200 km from the region.

The governorate is also served by :

  • The International Airport Djerba-Zarzis which is 100 km from Tataouine.

  • The port of Zarzis which 200 km from Tataouine

Available Human Resources

The governorate has a university and professional network that supplies the local employment market with expertise and skilled labor force specializing in the areas requested by locally based companies.

The governorate has two higher education institutions :

The region of Tataouine also has 2 public vocational training centers and 9 private training centers to train technicians in various disciplines such as mechanical engineering, industrial maintenance, clothing, leather and footwear, leathergoods, carpentry and furniture and jewelery …