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Why Tozeur ?

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Map Tozeur

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An Economy Based on Agriculture and Saharan Tourism

Agriculture is the most important sector of the local economy thanks to the wealth of water resources that have improved and intensified farming.

Indeed, intensive agriculture in the region is characterized by production of dates, vegetable crops in the palm grove and a large annual production of dates of superior quality.

Moreover, Tozeur is known for the production of the variety Deglet Nour with its transparent and succulent flesh that is highly valued worldwide.

Oasis of the Jerid and gateway to the Tunisian Sahara, Tozeur is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Africa thanks to a diverse tourist infrastructure with a variety of comfortable accommodation units (48 hotels) attractive leisure facilities (golf course located between the dunes and palm trees, the internationally renowned museum "Dar Chrait") and unique natural landscapes (a huge and beautiful palm grove, mountain oasis and waterfalls).

Given the agricultural and tourist nature of its economy, the Governorate of Tozeur has only 40 industrial companies (with a workforce of 10 or more employees) of which 29 are totally exporting. They operate mainly in the sectors of industry, food, textile...

Tozeur also has 18 foreign or mixed capital companies (with a workforce of 10 or more employees) operating in the sectors of industry, tourism, agriculture and services...

An Appropriate Basic Infrastructure

The governorate of Tozeur has a varied basic infrastructure :

  • A road network (500 km of paved roads) connecting the region to the neighboring governorates and to Algeria (Tozeur is 57 km from the Algerian territory)

  • A line of railway

  • A cyber park and a business incubator

  • Several industrial zones equipped to host new projects,

The governorate is also served by :

  • The international Airport Tozeur-Nafta linking the region with several European capitals (Tozeur is within 2 hours of flying time from Paris).

  • The commercial port of Gabés which is within 218 km

Available Human Resources

Two higher education institutions are based in the region hence developing local skills and expertise. These are :

The governorate also has 5 private vocational training centers and four public centers for a total capacity of 1360 training positions in various disciplines such as tourism, farming techniques, office automation …