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Opportunités d’investissements

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Carte Gabes

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Many investment opportunities are available in the region in several areas including :

Fisheries, aquaculture and fish farming : These activities have potential for development thanks to the Gulf of Gabes and the 2 lakes


  • Development of organic farming (pomegranates, dates, olives, market gardening in open field and glasshouse)

  • Development of greenhouse crops (production of early crops exclusively for export) thanks to the availability of soil resources and geothermal hot water in sufficient quantity,

  • Cattle intensive breeding and extensive breeding of sheep, goats and camels as well as beekeeping.

Food Industry :

  • possibility to produce essential oils, flavors and fragrances thanks to the presence of aromatic and medicinal plants,

  • Enhancement of agricultural and fishery products through preserving, processing, packaging and cold storage.

Industry :

  • Useful substances: enhancement of useful substances available in the region (sand, clay, limestone, bentonite, pink stone of Gabes...).

  • développer les activités industrielles en rapport avec le pôle chimique de Gabès

  • Development of industrial activities related to the chemical hub of Gabes

  • Textile, clothing and leather: Processing wool and hides thanks to the abundance sheep, goats and camel leather as well as the availability of skilled labor.

Tourism :

  • Development of culinary, cultural and nature tourism, ecotourism (tourism oasis) as well as thermal tourism given the presence of bioclimatic reservations: sun, sea water and seaweed, thermo-mineral resources namely in El Hamma and Mareth.

  • Reintegration and development of the coastal region in the tourist circuit with other attractive destinations (mountains, oasis, Sahara gates) by promoting the new seaside tourist area under construction.

Services :

Creating projects relating to the design and development of computer software, computer, service telecommunications, electronic commerce, accounting …