Explore how Tunisia offers an exceptional living environment, conducive to personal and professional development. Hospitality and conviviality are Tunisians ancestral values. Very passionate about cultural exchanges and the discovery of new civilizations, Tunisians make Tunisia a country where you feel familiar from the first visit. The mastery of foreign languages is the asset of Tunisians to make expatriation an unforgettable life experience for you.

Tunisia Provides a business-friendly environment, fostering development and prosperity. Eliminating excessive authorizations and implementing one-stop shops throughout Tunisian territory, which makes Tunisia a country highly committed to promoting business. Everything is designed to make the investor’s journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Institutional assistance for investors is available at all levels.

It is widely acknowledged that Tunisia offers very favourable conditions for establishing industrial activities. Tunisia invests in modern infrastructure to support business growth. Its maritime and air connections with the majority of countries in the three regional markets surrounding it enhance its reputation as a nearby destination, both logistically and linguistically. Constantly evolving the infrastructure for hosting the most complex industrial activities is a priority project at the highest level of the state.

Discover how Tunisia attracts and develops world-class talent to propel your company to new heights. Long recognized as the Arab and African country that invests the most in education (1/3 of the state budget), Tunisia can pride itself on winning the bet on human capital. Its skills have easily gained the trust of multinational companies established in Tunisia to rise to top management and are also highly sought after in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

A dynamic Tunisian economy, offering a variety of opportunities for investors worldwide. Rooted in its African and Arab dimensions, Tunisia is an exceptionally open country with both Mediterranean shores, which account for 80% of its external trade. Industry, agriculture, and tourism form the solid, balanced diversity of the Tunisian economy. The services sector, benefiting from dedicated legislation since the mid-1980s, has taken on a whole new dimension, propelling its contribution to GDP to 60%.

Discover why Tunisia is the strategic choice to expand your business horizons on a global scale. The proclamation of the April 1972 law and the creation of the API (Agence de Promotion de l’Industrie) the same year propelled Tunisia to the rank of the first exporting country of finished products from the southern shore of the Mediterranean to Europe. This geographical, cultural and linguistic proximity to Europe makes Tunisia a partner of choice for global players whose growth rely on the European market.