INJECT performance into your investment

The pharmaceutical industry in Tunisia is distinguished by its commitment to innovation. Discover how this dynamic sector contributes to the production of medicines and pharmaceutical products thanks to significant scientific advances and high manufacturing standards. The Covid19 crisis has made it possible to unveil to the world the Tunisian potential in terms of solution and drug production.

WEAVE connections with ancestral know-how

Explore a range of exceptional skills and discover how a commitment to know how excellence has translated over time into unparalleled quality of textiles ‘Made in Tunisia’. Weaving connections with the deeply rooted Tunisian expertise is to immerse oneself in a vibrant and creative tradition, where each thread tells an authentic and innovative story.

SAVOR the taste of a new experience

Discover the richness of Tunisian flavors through its flourishing agri-food industry. From sweet dates to quality olive oils, immerse yourself in a world of delights with passion and tradition. Explore how Tunisian ingenuity and know-how transform local products into world-renowned culinary masterpieces. Place your investments in the first African country to be recognized Organic by the European Union.

PILOT your investment in Tunisia

Take a position at the heart of a booming automotive industry, driven by a solid investment framework that encourages innovation and value creation. Thanks to its geographical proximity to Europe, its mastery of “Just in time”, Tunisia is considered as a destination of choice for global equipment manufacturers, particularly favorable to the generation of added value, competitiveness and export to the most demanding markets.

CONNECT to a booming sector

Explore the dynamic landscape of Information and Communication Technologies in Tunisia, where innovation, connectivity and growth intersect. Having become a leading technological hub, Tunisia attracts creative minds and businesses looking for an environment conducive to digital development. With an annual growth rate of 8%, digital is dedicated to great prospects in Tunisia.

TAKE OFF your aerospace activity from Tunisia

Tunisia is taking off as a key player in the aerospace sector, offering a unique mix of know-how, innovation and strategic positioning. Discover how the Tunisian sky becomes the theater of accomplishments and aeronautical achievements of international scale. Every two years, in Paris, during the Paris Air Show,the world’s first industrial fair dedicated to the aerospace industry, Tunisian aerospace is in the spotlight.