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Explore the dynamic landscape of Information and Communication Technologies in Tunisia, where innovation, connectivity and growth intersect. Having become a leading technological hub, Tunisia attracts creative minds and businesses looking for an environment conducive to digital development. With an annual growth rate of 8%, digital is dedicated to great prospects in Tunisia.

A sector at the forefront of innovation

Immerse in the constantly evolving world of the Information and Communication Technology Industry in Tunisia, where innovation is the engine of digital transformation. Tunisia is emerging as a major player in the field, offering fertile ground for companies aspiring to push the limits of creativity.

● 2nd in terms of number of graduates from scientific and engineering fields worldwide.
● 2nd In Terms Of Government Maturity In Artificial Intelligence Across Africa.
● 1st Best Startup Attraction Program In Africa.
● 2,200 Active Companies In The Sector.
● 40,000 Direct Jobs Contribute To The Vitality Of The Industry.

The ICT sector represents 11% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), highlighting its significant impact on the national economy. With more than 600 innovative companies, the sector is distinguished by an average annual growth rate of 8%, testifying to its commitment to modernization and innovation. In addition, 52% of innovative companies are export-oriented, strengthening the international anchoring of the Tunisian ICT sector.



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More than one good reason to invest in digital industry in Tunisia

Futuristic visions

Tunisia has adopted a legal framework conducive to investment and innovation, strengthening its strategic position. Thanks to the startup ACT law and the national plan “Digital Tunisia 2025,” the country aims to become a leading regional technological hub.

Startup Act law: Benefit from a specific legal framework, offering fiscal and financial advantages to startups and innovative companies, thus stimulating entrepreneurship in the ICT sector.

Business friendly legal framework: Take advantage of a favourable regulatory environment, encouraged by the Tunisian government, which facilitates the creation and development of companies in the digital field.

National strategic plan “Digital Tunisia 2025”: Immerse in an ambitious vision with the National Strategic Plan “Digital Tunisia 2025”, steering the country towards digital transformation and offering investments opportunities in advanced technologies.
Financial and tax incentives: Explore a range of financial and tax incentives, which aim to support innovative projects and promote the growth and competitiveness of the sector.
Skilled human resources

Tunisia stands out for the quality of its human capital, a real engine of competitiveness in the digital sector. With more than 260 higher education institutions, the country trains qualified and efficient resources, fueling the constant growth of the sector.

● Nearly 65,000 graduates per year, with 16% specialising in ICT fields.
● Nearly 1,000 vocational training institutions offer over 370 specialties.
● An impressive research force with more than 20,000 researchers, placing Tunisia at the top of the concentrations of researchers among Arab and African countries.

Digital Tunisia

The dynamic evolution of the digital sector in Tunisia is based on state-of-the-art infrastructures, aligned with international standards. The country is committed to setting up an ecosystem conducive to innovation and the emergence of a new generation of companies.

  • Modern technopoles: Four technopoles specialised in ICT promote research and development, stimulating the growth of the industry.
  • Innovative cyberparks: Nineteen spaces dedicated to startups offer a friendly environment for creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • Competitiveness clusters: Ten strategic clusters encourage collaboration and the emergence of innovative projects in the digital field.
  • World-class connectivity: With an impressive bandwidth capacity of 910 Gbps, Tunisia offers fast and reliable connectivity, essential for businesses in the sector.

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