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Finance Law 2023: What we must remember​


The 2023 finance Law provides for a deficit of almost 7.5 billion dinars, given that the expenses of the state budget will be at the level of 54 billion dinars, while the revenues will not exceed 46.4 billion dinars. According to this text, which was published friday evening, in the Official Journal of the Tunisian Republic (Jort) n° 141 (of December 23, 2022), tax revenues (40.5 billion dinars) will represent more than 87% of the total of revenue drained throughout the year 2023. Non-tax revenues will not exceed not the 5.5 billion dinars. The Finance Law also provides that the resources of will amount, during the 2023 financial year, to nearly 23.5 billion dinars; an envelope that will be mobilized thanks to estimated external and internal borrowing resources respectively to 14.8 billion dinars and 9.5 billion dinars. These resources will finance the budget deficit (7.5 billion dinars) and repay the principal amount of the debt (about 15.8 billion dinars).

Source: https://lapresse.tn