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Germany’s Habemus Solutions expands its digital activities in Tunisia


Habemus Solutions, the German company specialising in electronic engineering and embedded software, which has been operating in Sfax since 2020, has just announced the opening of a second office in the Tunisian capital, Tunis. The announcement was made by its Managing Director, Gottfried Fisher, during his meeting with Mr Jalel TEBIB, Managing Director of FIPA Tunisia, on Tuesday 15 April.

This expansion confirms the favourable propensity for growth in digital activities and the availability of conditions conducive to the exploration of new markets in Tunisia. With an annual growth rate of around 11%, the digital sector now contributes 4.3% of GDP, making it one of the three most attractive sectors for international companies, alongside the automotive and aeronautical sectors, as well as textiles and clothing.

Mr Fischer, CEO of Habemus Solutions, expressed his satisfaction with the high-level skills and favourable regulatory framework offered by Tunisia, opening up promising prospects for the company’s future. He stressed that from the Tunisian platform, development opportunities easily extend to Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
The new site will enable Habemus to increase its workforce to around forty engineers based in Sfax and Tunis, reinforcing its commitment to the country’s economic and technological development.