Discover how Tunisia attracts and develops world-class talent to propel your company to new heights. Long recognized as the Arab and African country that invests the most in education (1/3 of the state budget), Tunisia can pride itself on winning the bet on human capital. Its skills have easily gained the trust of multinational companies established in Tunisia to rise to top management and are also highly sought after in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

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Highly qualified human resources

Tunisia is distinguished by its highly qualified workforce, trained in various fields. From engineers to healthcare professionals. With a pool of skills ready to contribute to the success of your business

Continuous professional development and flexibility

Investing in Tunisia means having access to the latest technological advances and market trends. The sophisticated education programs and the flexibility of Tunisian workers are major assets. Promoting Favourable collaboration, Tunisia offers an environment where talents interact in a smart way and stimulating innovation. Working with local experts will enrich your professional career.

Successful collaboration:

● Academic Diversity: The country boasts 260 higher education institutions, including 65 private ones, providing a wide range of academic options for students.
● Extensive Vocational Training Network: With over 1,000 vocational training centers, Tunisia ensures specialised training to meet market needs.
● Education Accessible at All Levels: With more than 6,650 educational establishments, the country guarantees access to education at all levels.
● Leadership in E-Learning: Tunisia was among the first countries in North Africa and the Arab world to embrace e-learning, offering flexible educational opportunities.
● Performance in Science and Engineering: On the African scale, Tunisia ranks 2nd in terms of the number of graduates in scientific and engineering fields, highlighting excellence in these areas.
● Commitment to Educational Innovation: With a continuous commitment to educational innovation, Tunisia strengthens its position as a leading regional educational center.

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