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Immerse in the heart of history in Kasserine, a governorate known for its exceptional archaeological wealth. With its monuments classified by the National Heritage Institute, this region offers much more than a testimony to the glorious past but it also represents prosperous investment opportunities.

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Located in the centre-west of the country, Kasserine represents the capital of the grassland region in Tunisia. Its history goes back to ancient times as a major crossroads of trade and conquest. The sites and monuments of the region bear witness to successive civilizations, from prehistoric periods to Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

● 55 companies with a 10 or more employees, 16 of which are totally exporting companies

Kasserine showcases its agri-food industry emphasising the value of olive oil, red meats, renewable energy technologies, and pollution control, as well as the textile and clothing industry. The region also benefits from a skilled and available workforce, contributing to the enhancement of the region’s attractiveness.

More than a good reason to invest in Kasserine

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The basic infrastructure of the Kasserine region is designed to promote connectivity and stimulate economic growth. The road network, including national, regional and local roads, ensures efficient accessibility and strengthens links between the different places in the region. Additionally, the railway line that connects Kasserine to Tunis provides a solid transportation alternative.
The industrial zones of Kasserine constitute an essential base for economic activity. The Kasserine 1, Kasserine 2 and Kasserine 3 industrial zones provide a framework favourable to the establishment and development of various businesses. The Sbeïtla Industrial zone and the SCITEK in Thala are strategic hubs which help to improve the industrial network of the region, by offering spaces dedicated to growth and innovation. These industrial infrastructures play a major role in creating jobs and stimulating local economic activity.

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By exploring this region, you will discover a universe where cultural richness and growth opportunities are together into a living picture that reflects the unique identity of Kasserine and offers a framework favourable to investment.

● With a developed educational network comprising 310 primary schools, 62 high schools and secondary colleges, as well as 4 higher education institutions hosting 1,917 students, the region invests in the intellectual and academic development of its citizens.

● For healthcare, Kasserine benefits from a regional hospital and six local hospitals, 127 basic health centres, a clinic, six analysis and radiology laboratories, and 53 pharmacies. This extensive offer ensures easy access to healthcare services.

● vocational training; with six public centres having a capacity of 3,600 places, it contributes to developing different skills aligned with the needs of the labour market. This proactive approach promotes employability in the region.

● Rich in its natural heritage and tourist attractions, Kasserine offers exceptional leisure opportunities, with eight hotels, two camping centres, and six areas dedicated to hunting. The region combines tradition and modernity to provide a fulfilling living experience.

Kasserine is a setting rich in opportunities, inviting those who share the vision of building a prosperous and balanced future to explore the countless possibilities presented by this welcoming land.

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Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation – APII

Established in 1972, APII is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines. It is responsible for implementing government policy relating to the promotion of the industrial sector and innovation. The APII is the main point of contact for investors regarding the legal constitution of companies and the management of financial and fiscal benefits.
APII services
The One Stop Shop, ISO 9001 certified, provides most of the APII services for the company

● The provision of certificates for the submission of investment project declarations
● Carrying out the formalities for the establishment of companies.
● Assisting with the establishment of companies.

Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency – APIA
APIA is a public institution established in 1983, with the principal mission of promoting private investment in agriculture, fishing and associated services.

APIA services
● Granting financial and fiscal benefits established by the Investment Law No. 2016-71 to promoters of agricultural, fishing, and related services projects, as well as projects involving the primary processing of agricultural and fishing products.
● Identifying investment opportunities and project ideas to be promoted by Tunisian and foreign private operators, thereby contributing to the achievement of national objectives assigned to the agricultural sector.

● Assisting promoters in the preparation of their investment files and providing guidance during the implementation phase of their projects.

Agence Foncière Industrielle – AFI
The Industrial property Agency is a public organisation established in 1973 to strengthen the industrial network and contribute to the economic and social development of Tunisia.

AFI services
● The creation and development of industrial areas equipped with the amenities necessary for the implementation of industrial projects.
● The construction of modular industrial premises and their provision to Tunisian and foreign investors.