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Originally built on a peninsula, Mahdia is home to one of the country’s first fishing ports and presents itself as a prime tourist destination. Mahdia creates a link between the city’s rich heritage and modern investment opportunities. Explore the possibilities offered by this region where authenticity meets innovation, providing a unique framework for sustainable investments.

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The governorate of Mahdia extends over 2,951 square kilometres and occupies a strategic place in the centre-east of Tunisia.

Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the east, Monastir, Sousse, Sfax, in the North, West and South, the governorate of Mahdia is located in the heart of the country. Its relatively short distances to large cities such as Tunis, Sousse, Monastir, Sfax and Kairouan make it a strategic accessibility centre.

● Mahdia’s industrial sector Includes 147 companies with a workforce of 10 or more employees, of which 96 are totally exporting companies.

● Key sectors include textiles, weaving and garment manufacturing, automotive components industry, electronics, processing of agricultural and marine products, milk processing and its derivatives, as well as recycling and enhancement of plastic materials.

Mahdia, with its rich history and strategic geography, embodies promising economic potential. Its industrial sector, driven by innovative sectors, positions Mahdia as an essential player in the Tunisian economy, ready to welcome investments and thrive in the future.

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The Mahdia region benefits from an extensive transportation infrastructure, both by road and railway. With a road network including highways, national, regional, and local roads, Mahdia is connected to the main surrounding cities. The Mahdia-Tunis and El Jem-Sousse railway lines further enhance its connectivity.

Mahdia is home to several strategically located industrial zones. The Mahdia industrial zone, along the Boumerdes road, as well as the Rejiche zone, are basic centres of activity. In addition, the industrial zones of El Jem, Ksour Essef and Essouassi offer developed spaces favourable to industrial development. These zones provide a vital platform for businesses and help strengthen the region’s industrial sector.

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The region is proud of its historical heritage, symbolised by the amphitheatre of El Jem, a Roman masterpiece listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. This emblematic monument testifies to the greatness of the region.

● With 6 higher education institutions, 192 primary schools, and 60 secondary schools, Mahdia is committed to the education of its young people.

● The region places particular importance on healthcare, embodied by a university hospital, 12 local dispensaries, 91 basic health centres, 2 clinics, and 4 mother and child protection centres.

● With 21 vocational training centres, the region is investing in the diversity of skills. Specialties such as agriculture, fishing, IT and tourism prepare a workforce adapted to the challenges of a modern economy.

● The 75 km of magnificent beaches, the 25 hotels, the 4 thalassotherapy centres and the scuba diving club make this region an essential tourist destination. Local crafts characterised by wood carving and embroidery add a unique artistic touch to the experience.

Rooted in its exceptional history, Mahdia emerges as a balanced region, combining education, healthcare, vocational training, tourism, and local crafts..

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Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation – APII

Established in 1972, APII is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines. It is responsible for implementing government policy relating to the promotion of the industrial sector and innovation. The APII is the main point of contact for investors regarding the legal constitution of companies and the management of financial and fiscal benefits.
APII services
The One Stop Shop, ISO 9001 certified, provides most of the APII services for the company

● The provision of certificates for the submission of investment project declarations
● Carrying out the formalities for the establishment of companies.
● Assisting with the establishment of companies.

Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency – APIA
APIA is a public institution established in 1983, with the principal mission of promoting private investment in agriculture, fishing and associated services.

APIA services
● Granting financial and fiscal benefits established by the Investment Law No. 2016-71 to promoters of agricultural, fishing, and related services projects, as well as projects involving the primary processing of agricultural and fishing products.
● Identifying investment opportunities and project ideas to be promoted by Tunisian and foreign private operators, thereby contributing to the achievement of national objectives assigned to the agricultural sector.

● Assisting promoters in the preparation of their investment files and providing guidance during the implementation phase of their projects.

Agence Foncière Industrielle – AFI
The Industrial property Agency is a public organisation established in 1973 to strengthen the industrial network and contribute to the economic and social development of Tunisia.

AFI services
● The creation and development of industrial areas equipped with the amenities necessary for the implementation of industrial projects.
● The construction of modular industrial premises and their provision to Tunisian and foreign investors.