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Explore exceptional investment opportunities in the heart of the Sahara, in the Tataouine region. With a booming economy, focused on the wealth of olive production and Saharan resources, Tataouine provides you with an ideal setting to accomplish your investment projects. Immerse in an environment favourable to innovation and growth.

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At the heart of the governorate of Tataouine, economic activity mainly revolves around agriculture, profiting from a vast area dedicated to olive trees, vegetables , arboriculture, asparagus intended for export, as well as the production of red meat and milk.
The region covers a vast area of 38,889 km2 and has a population of 151,756 inhabitants.
Underground hydraulic resources, abundant minerals, and natural lands further enrich the region.

Saharan tourism has developed remarkably, making Tataouine an essential stop thanks to its Saharan ksours, geological sites, ridge villages (Chenini, Douiret, Guermessa), and cave dwellings, thus offering a unique charm to the Tunisian Sahara.

● It is home to 11 companies active in various fields such as construction materials, clothing and the food industry.

The governorate of Tataouine is emerging as a multifaceted region, combining agricultural wealth, industrial development, and the growing attraction of Saharan tourism. This economic diversification demonstrates promising potential, placing Tataouine at the heart of a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity, agriculture and industry, making this region an economic and tourist gem of southern Tunisia.

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In terms of basic infrastructure, the region has an extensive land transport network, including 1,440 kilometres of local roads. In addition, two airports, Remada and El Borma, provide air connections to key destinations within Tunisia. This connectivity significantly contributes to facilitating local travel and strengthening exchanges between the different regions of the area.

The region presents ongoing industrial development, with existing industrial zones such as the Ettahrir city industrial zone, occupying an area of 10 hectares at full capacity, demonstrating the economic attractiveness of the region. In addition, the Elkabta industrial zone, covering 20 hectares, is currently being commercialised, anticipating future expansion of the industrial sector.

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The region provides a set of key elements in its priority sectors, contributing to the overall development of the local community. Education, health, vocational training, and tourism are at the heart of concerns, with an extensive network of institutions and activities that promote well-being within the region.

● The education sector is characterised by 109 primary schools, 39 public secondary schools, and 3 private schools. Two higher education institutions, the ISET and the ISAM, provide opportunities for higher education.

● Healthcare is a priority with diverse medical infrastructure, including regional and local hospitals, clinics, basic health centres, and numerous pharmacies. Healthcare professionals, laboratories for analysis, and radiology laboratories ensure comprehensive healthcare provision for the population.

● Tourism and leisure also have a place in the region, with 9 hotels showcasing local crafts. Traditional activities such as Bedouin weaving, leatherwork, and Berber weaving enrich the tourist experience, reflecting the cultural and artisanal richness of the region.

This diversity of infrastructure and activities demonstrates the region’s commitment to economic growth and cultural influence.

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Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation – APII

Established in 1972, APII is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines. It is responsible for implementing government policy relating to the promotion of the industrial sector and innovation. The APII is the main point of contact for investors regarding the legal constitution of companies and the management of financial and fiscal benefits.
APII services
The One Stop Shop, ISO 9001 certified, provides most of the APII services for the company

● The provision of certificates for the submission of investment project declarations
● Carrying out the formalities for the establishment of companies.
● Assisting with the establishment of companies.

Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency – APIA
APIA is a public institution established in 1983, with the principal mission of promoting private investment in agriculture, fishing and associated services.

APIA services
● Granting financial and fiscal benefits established by the Investment Law No. 2016-71 to promoters of agricultural, fishing, and related services projects, as well as projects involving the primary processing of agricultural and fishing products.
● Identifying investment opportunities and project ideas to be promoted by Tunisian and foreign private operators, thereby contributing to the achievement of national objectives assigned to the agricultural sector.

● Assisting promoters in the preparation of their investment files and providing guidance during the implementation phase of their projects.

Agence foncière industrielle – AFI
The Industrial property Agency is a public organisation established in 1973 to strengthen the industrial network and contribute to the economic and social development of Tunisia.

AFI services
● The creation and development of industrial areas equipped with the amenities necessary for the implementation of industrial projects.
● The construction of modular industrial premises and their provision to Tunisian and foreign investors