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Explore routesand exciting exp é riences with inspiring the Success Stories from companies companies installées in Tunisia. These stories transcend numbers, the années for illustrate human impact and é conomic impact on the exponential cycle cyclecompany.

Actia group

ACTIA Group, a renowned French company, is a leading designer of high value-added electronic equipment for the dynamic vehicle and telecommunications markets. At the heart of its expertise, ACTIA excels as a world leader in automotive diagnostics and on-board systems, particularly in the specialized markets of small and medium production runs of vehicles, as well as in hertzian transmission.With two major divisions, Automotive and Telecom, ACTIA Group employs over 3,700 people in 16 countries, including almost 1,000 engineers and technicians. In 2022, the Group achieved impressive sales of €499.8 million, testifying to its significant impact on a global scale.In Tunisia, ACTIA Group set up ACTIA CIPI in 1976, a Franco-Tunisian company totally focused on exports. Specializing in electronics subcontracting, ACTIA CIPI assembles, tests and maintains electronic boards for a wide range of sectors, including automotive, telecommunications and consumer electronics.In January 2009, the group expanded its footprint by creating ACTIA Tunisie, focusing on garage equipment and currently employing around 30 professionals. ACTIA subsequently expanded its influence by establishing two other entities, ACTIA Engineering Services and ACTIA Africa, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and diversification. This expansion testifies to ACTIA Group's positive impact in Tunisia, promoting technological development and specialized employment.


SAFRAN, an international high-technology group, operates in the aerospace and defense sectors. Present on every continent, the group employs 83,000 people and generated impressive sales of 19.0 billion euros in 2022. As a major global player, SAFRAN holds leading positions in its markets, distinguishing itself as the world leader in short- and medium-haul aircraft engines, helicopter engines, landing gear, carbon wheels and brakes, and aeronautical wiring.Present in Tunisia since 2005, Safran employs 2,200 people at three sites, including two in Soliman and one in Grombalia. Its significant contribution can be seen in the development of on-board systems, aircraft equipment and interiors. SAFRAN's commitment to research and development programs reinforces its status as a world leader and fosters the growth of aeronautical expertise in Tunisia, creating specialized job opportunities and contributing to the country's international reputation in the aerospace field.


SIOEN INDUSTRIES NV, a Belgian company founded in 1907, is a diversified player with an extensive portfolio encompassing the coating and treatment of technical textiles, the manufacture of protective clothing, and the production of fine chemicals. The company's policy of vertical and horizontal integration, diversification and continuous growth has made it a world leader in the market for coated technical textiles and high-quality protective clothing.In 2010, the Group achieved impressive sales of €630 million, with over 4,500 employees in 48 subsidiaries in 20 countries. In Tunisia, SIOEN INDUSTRIES NV has set up three subsidiaries, each specialized in specific fields. Confection Tunisienne de Sécurité, founded in 1978 and employing 500 people, excels in the manufacture of a complete range of Sioen garments, covering personal protective equipment, workwear, body armor, chemical protective clothing, medical drapes and forestry clothing.Sioen Tunisie, established in 1998 and employing around 50 people, is dedicated to production exclusively for the Tunisian market, offering rainwear, high-visibility clothing, military uniforms and outfits for the Tunisian police and army, as well as for government-related companies. Finally, Sioen Zaghouan, founded in 2000, employs 250 people and specializes in the production of personal protective clothing. These subsidiaries testify to SIOEN's global impact and commitment to the textile industry in Tunisia.

The LEONI Group

The LEONI Group, a global supplier of cables, fiber optics, cabling systems and development services, plays a crucial role in the automotive industry and many other sectors. Present in 27 countries with 58 industrial sites, the group has almost 95,500 employees and has achieved impressive sales of 5,100 million euros in 2022.Established in Tunisia since 1977, LEONI has built up a solid presence with four production sites strategically located in Messaadine (Sousse), two in Mateur (Bizerte), and one in Ezzahra (Ben Arous). These facilities employ a workforce of over 14,000 managers and workers, underlining the Group's significant impact on employment in Tunisia. The LEONI Tunisia subsidiary specializes in the manufacture of electronic and electrical cables, with a particular focus on the Mercedes brand, strengthening the group's position in the Tunisian automotive sector.The LEONI Group reaffirms its commitment to Tunisia, playing an essential role in the country's economic development since 1977, in particular through its subsidiary LEONI Wiring Systems Tunisia (LWST). Founded in Thrayet, Sousse, in 1977, LWST marked the beginning of LEONI Wiring Systems Division's (WSD) international expansion outside Europe. With four strategic production sites, LWST employs more than 21,000 people spread across these sites, as well as in the Shared Service Hub, a competence center of 257 Tunisians offering various services, including research and development.In 2018, LWST invested 108.953 MTND in the expansion of its production unit in Sidi Bouali and the creation of a new stand-alone site in Menzel Hayet, consolidating its position in the Tunisian automotive sector, with a focus on the manufacture of electronic and electrical cables for the prestigious Mercedes brand.Mohamed Larbi Rouis, CEO of LEONI Tunisie, points out that "the quality of the Tunisian workforce and its commitment have made Tunisia the best destination for the parent company, which has entrusted it with around a quarter of its business." Building on this confidence, LWST aims to reach 26,000 employees by 2024, reinforcing its impact on employment in Tunisia. The company's ambition is to become the benchmark within the global LEONI Group, focusing on industrial excellence, innovation and process automation.With consolidated sales for the LEONI Group in excess of 5.5 billion euros and a presence in 32 countries, LWST's continued expansion testifies to the strategic importance of Tunisia in the LEONI Group's global vision.


BAXTER International, a US pharmaceutical giant founded in 1931 and based in Illinois, stands out with colossal sales of $15.2 billion in 2022, placing it among the world leaders in the healthcare industry. Present in over 60 countries, the Group employs more than 61,500 people and has multiple production sites in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia, illustrating its global reach.The Tunisian subsidiary, BIEFFE MEDITAL MANUFACTURING, founded in 2000, testifies to BAXTER International's commitment to Tunisia. As a fully export-oriented company, it plays a crucial role, employing around 400 people in the Oued Ellil area, a few kilometers from Tunis. This move strengthens the Group's contribution to the Tunisian economy and underlines its impact on job creation and the development of local skills.


Spanish company SANLUCAR, which produces and markets fruit, vegetables, smoothies, juices and flowers worldwide, stands out for its significant global impact. With around 3,200 employees in over 30 countries, SANLUCAR has been a major player in the sector for almost two decades, selling huge quantities of products every day from 35 producing countries around the world.In Tunisia, SANLUCAR made its debut in 2008 by partnering La Cinquième Saison, growing tomatoes in a natural oasis near Gabès. This initiative has led to the creation of a flourishing farm covering 42 hectares, demonstrating SANLUCAR's commitment to local agricultural development. In addition, the Les Perles du Désert farm in the Gulf of Gabès has become an ideal site for growing grapes, while the Flor'Alia farm near Bizerte focuses on growing new berry varieties through natural cross-breeding.In 2018, SANLUCAR was honored with the Social Progress Award in Tunisia, highlighting its commitment to social well-being. With over 1,600 people working on its sites in Tunisia, SANLUCAR has a positive impact on job creation and social recognition in the country.