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The WB and the IFC support FDI in Tunisia


The External Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA-Tunisia) and the Tunisia Investment Authority (TIA), in collaboration with the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, organized a training and evaluation action from October 23 to 27, 2023. ​This event was marked by the presence of Jalel Tebib, Director General of FIPA-Tunisia, Namia Ayadi, President of the TIA and representatives of the IFC- World Bank.

According to a press release from the FIPA, said training was mainly focused on workshops on assistance to “AfterCare” companies and direct canvassing of “Lead Generation” companies. ​Targeting FIPA and TIA executives, this training was an opportunity to exchange and discuss best practices for the development of these aspects. Two visits with the heads of the IFC-World Bank and the executives of the two institutions were organized on the sidelines of this training and evaluation action.

These are two leading companies that have benefited from the support during their implementations in Tunisia, namely :

Selt Marine, specialized in the cultivation and treatment of marine algae in several sectors (agri-food, parapharmacy, cosmetics…),

Desert Joy, specialized in the cultivation of tomatoes of several varieties with highly developed techniques.

Moreover, FIPA recalls that in 2022, 81% of FDI operations in Tunisia come from expansion operations, a sign of satisfaction and renewed confidence from foreign companies that have already invested in Tunisia. In addition, 430 extension projects generated 1,587.9 MTND (92%) and created 9,134 (69%) new job positions.

Source: https://www.entreprises-magazine.com ​