More than a welcoming region for your investments

Discover how this thriving metropolis combines tradition and innovation to provide an environment favourable to economic growth and the success of your investment project. The Tunisian capital presents a stimulating environment for your entrepreneurial initiatives.

Explore Tunis :

The Tunis region, covering an area of 288 km2, stands as the primary engine of economic activity in Tunisia. With a population of 934,040 inhabitants, this region is home to key cities such as Tunis, Carthage, La Goulette, and Sidi Bou Said. Equipped with modern infrastructure and a qualified workforce of 343,000 inhabitants, it is distinguished by a 100% urbanisation rate.

Economic Diversity: The Tunis region stands out for its diverse industrial fabric, comprising over 256 companies, with 96 being totally exporting companies. Key sectors such as the textile and clothing industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as services related to Industry 4.0 and technology, contribute to its reputation.

Industrial Expansion: Expanding industrial zones promote the growth and competitiveness of companies operating in the region.

Technological Innovation: Innovative technology hubs demonstrate the region’s commitment to the advancement of industry 4.0, providing an environment conducive to the emergence of sophisticated technologies.

The Tunis region constitutes a strategic choice for investments, where competitiveness and profitability coexist in a thriving business environment.

More than one good reason to invest in Tunis :

Invest in Tunis :

Get into a favourable investment environment where basic infrastructure creates the ideal conditions for entrepreneurial success. With electrification and access to clean water reaching 100%, along with an efficient urban sanitation system, the region offers a solid foundation conducive to operational stability.

Navigate with ease thanks to an exceptional land and maritime transport network, including strategic metro lines and the harbour of La Goulette . Tunis-Carthage Airport, with a capacity to accommodate 5 million travellers, ensuring global connectivity. In addition to the development of telecommunications and industrial zones. The Tunis region proves to be the ideal place to realise your investment ambitions.

Live and work in Tunis:

Discover a region where quality of life is a priority

● Education occupies a central place with 181 primary schools, 246 nurseries, kindergartens, and children’s clubs, as well as 103 secondary schools and colleges.

● The healthcare sector benefits from a solid network including 8 university hospitals, 1 regional hospital, 45 basic health centers and 276 pharmacies, ensuring accessible and quality care.

● Vocational training is a major area of development, with 19 centers offering no less than 59 specialties, thus creating diversified employment opportunities.

● Tourism is also thriving, with the presence of 109 hotels offering a full range of services for well-deserved leisure.

This cluster of infrastructure creates an environment conducive to optimal quality of life, making this region a favourable choice for investment and for living.

Launch your business in Tunis

Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation – APII
Established in 1972, APII is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines. It is responsible for implementing government policy relating to the promotion of the industrial sector and innovation. The APII is the main point of contact for investors regarding the legal constitution of companies and the management of financial and fiscal benefits.

APII services
The One Stop Shop, ISO 9001 certified, provides most of the APII services for the company

● The provision of certificates for the submission of investment project declarations
● Carrying out the formalities for the establishment of companies.
● Assisting with the establishment of companies.

Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency – APIA
APIA is a public institution established in 1983, with the principal mission of promoting private investment in agriculture, fishing and associated services.

APIA services
● Granting financial and fiscal benefits established by the Investment Law No. 2016-71 to promoters of agricultural, fishing, and related services projects, as well as projects involving the primary processing of agricultural and fishing products.
● Identifying investment opportunities and project ideas to be promoted by Tunisian and foreign private operators, thereby contributing to the achievement of national objectives assigned to the agricultural sector.

● Assisting promoters in the preparation of their investment files and providing guidance during the implementation phase of their projects.

Agence Foncière Industrielle – AFI
The Industrial property Agency is a public organisation established in 1973 to strengthen the industrial network and contribute to the economic and social development of Tunisia.

AFI services
● The creation and development of industrial areas equipped with the amenities necessary for the implementation of industrial projects.
● The construction of modular industrial premises and their provision to Tunisian and foreign investors.