It is widely acknowledged that Tunisia offers very favourable conditions for establishing industrial activities. Tunisia invests in modern infrastructure to support business growth. Its maritime and air connections with the majority of countries in the three regional markets surrounding it enhance its reputation as a nearby destination, both logistically and linguistically. Constantly evolving the infrastructure for hosting the most complex industrial activities is a priority project at the highest level of the state.

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Robust Logistics Network

Tunisia offers a high quality logistics network, including well-maintained roads, modern highways, efficient harbours and well-equipped industrial areas in addition to a reliable infrastructure for your operations.

Technopoles and Modern Industrial Zones

Tunisia offers dynamic business environments: modern technology parks, specialised industrial zones, spaces dedicated to innovation and production.
Tunisia’s investment in advanced digital connectivity is beneficial in the era of digital transformation, guaranteeing that your business remains well-connected to thrive.

Advanced Connectivity and Infrastructure

● Well-connected International Airports: Nine international airports operate with more than 2,000 weekly flights, ensuring global connectivity.
● Strategic Ports: Seven commercial ports strengthen maritime trade and facilitate international trade.
● Extensive road network: A vast road network of nearly 20,000 km, including more than 500 km of highways,providing land transport and the interconnection of Tunisian regions with the main logistics infrastructures.
● Extensive railway network: A well-developed railway network serves the main cities, improving the efficiency of the transport of goods and people.
● Technopoles and Industrial Zones: More than ten sectoral technopoles, nineteen cyber parks, an aeronautical park and more than one hundred and fifty industrial zones encouraging innovation and industrial development.

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