A diversified ECONOMY

A dynamic Tunisian economy, offering a variety of opportunities for investors worldwide. Rooted in its African and Arab dimensions, Tunisia is an exceptionally open country with both Mediterranean shores, which account for 80% of its external trade. Industry, agriculture, and tourism form the solid, balanced diversity of the Tunisian economy. The services sector, benefiting from dedicated legislation since the mid-1980s, has taken on a whole new dimension, propelling its contribution to GDP to 60%.

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Promising and emerging sectors

From emerging industries to established sectors, Tunisia boasts a diversified economy, driven by innovation and growth. Acknowledged for its support and encouragement of entrepreneurship.
Tunisia’s regulatory framework places special emphasis on any industrial activity aimed at sustainable, inclusive, equitable, and responsible economic and social development. Explore a business environment where sustainability and prosperity coexist harmoniously.

Promising opportunities

Whether you’re in technology, agri-food, automotive, or other sectors, Tunisia provides a favourable ground to expand your investments. Reasonable fiscal incentives add further value to your expansion strategy. With its economic versatility, Tunisia offers an environment ready to grow. From thriving sectors to emerging opportunities, the country aligns with your expansion ambitions.

A diversified and dynamic economy

● Dynamic Presence of Foreign Companies: With 3,862 active foreign companies, Tunisia offers a dynamic and diversified economic scene.
● Significant Investments: Investments totaling 29,479.62 million Tunisian dinars (MTND) demonstrating the country’s economic growth.
● Jobs Creation: Economic activity has led to the creation of 450,000 jobs, strengthening the labour market.
● Balanced Sectoral Distribution: Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) are equally distributed with a predominance in the industry (55.06%).
● Services Sector Dynamism: The services sector benefits from a significant share of FDI, representing 34.48% of the distribution.
● Contribution from Various Sectors: The agriculture (1.57%) and tourism (8.89%) sectors contributing to the economic diversification, offering opportunities in diverse fields.

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