A strategic HUB

Discover why Tunisia is the strategic choice to expand your business horizons on a global scale. The proclamation of the April 1972 law and the creation of the API (Agence de Promotion de l’Industrie) the same year propelled Tunisia to the rank of the first exporting country of finished products from the southern shore of the Mediterranean to Europe. This geographical, cultural and linguistic proximity to Europe makes Tunisia a partner of choice for global players whose growth rely on the European market.

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Strategic geographic position

Located at the crossroads of three major regional markets, Tunisia offers a favourable geographical position that facilitates exchanges with Europe, Africa and the Middle East. A gateway to new horizons opens here.

Enhanced connectivity

With modern infrastructures, well-equipped ports and direct air links with the main European metropolises, Tunisia ensures optimal connectivity for your global supply chain. The strategic advantages of the geographical position convey diversified and fast commercial flows.
As a strategic hub, Tunisia offers an ideal platform for export. Free trade agreements with the three bordering markets, political stability and logistical advantages make this country a smart choice to expand your global presence.

Ideal platform for exports

● Exclusive access to key markets.
● Top-tier logistical connectivity.
● Ideal platform for exports.
● Competitive advantages through free trade agreements.
● Political stability conducive to investments.
● expertise in trade facilitation.

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